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Great Mate Debate: Comic Book Collection

Nerd alert! Okay… Slacker said it, not me!
Today, Megan and Adam came live on the air for a little great mate debate. Megan loves her husband and he has a great passion for nostalgic things like comic books. He’s really quite the character, but now their office has turned into a museum. The office is holding old videogames, tons of comic books, posters, dolls as Megan said, although they’re really action figures, and much more. They are all things that he hold near and dear to his heart, but the big problem is, they are in a bit of a financial crisis. They need money, so she thinks it couldn’t hurt to sell some of this stuff.
Adam loves Megan, but says she has no idea what she is talking about. It’s all a part of him, his upbringing, and things he collected through-out the years. The items do hold monetary value, but they also hold a sentimental place in his heart.
Slacker has to take Megan’s side because he already knows what Steve is going to do. If you need money for food and that “stuff” is just worthy money, then why don’t you just sell it? Slacker thinks Adam has to let you. As you may already know, Steve is a huge collector. For one, he says you don’t want to sell any of this stuff, especially in the economy we have now. At this point it would be selling an investment… Well, isn’t your home an investment? How about your car? Why don’t you just sell that?
I used to think holding onto every magazine or stuffed animal that came my way was meant to held onto. As time went on though and I grew up, I realized it was all just sitting there. I knew, granted it wouldn’t be worth the price of a comic book, it would be worth something in a garage sale. So, I went through everything and kept the ones that truly mattered to me and took a picture of the ones I was willing to get rid of. With that said, this is why I am siding with Megan on this one. Like Megan said, it’s great that this is who he is, but it’s time to part ways with some of it.
Whose side are you on? Should he have to give up some of his comics?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/19/2012 3:28PM
Great Mate Debate: Comic Book Collection
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01/22/2012 6:33PM
11 Nugget
The picture shows 10 nuggets, and the 10th is cut in half to make 11. There is no 11th nugget.
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