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Greasing The Wheels...

Slacker’s son Noah is a genius, so he wants to put him in Kindergarten this year and let him go through it twice. He heard about this amazing charter school in Commerce City, so he applied for Noah and they got a message back saying he was in the running, but they would be going through the lottery process, which he doesn’t understand because he lives like a block away, but that’s besides the point… Now Slacker has learned from a guy that knew someone that circumvented the lottery at that school and the key to it was… Greasing the wheels. Slacker has never bribed someone before in his life, so he doesn’t know if he could do it or even where to start on how to pull it off. If he can do this, not only does Noah get in, but then he doesn’t have to worry about Mia because she gets in just being a sibling. He tried looking up ways bribing worked, but all he found was a story from Florida where a guy tried to bribe a police officer by giving him tickets to a Miami football game and obviously that wasn’t the best bribe because the team is awful, but there has to be a way to make a bribe successful.
I have never been good at bribing, but I kind of like what our first caller said, greasing the wheels by donating money to the school. Have you ever bribed anyone? What did you do? How did it work? Should he even try to bribe the school?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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01/03/2012 4:11PM
Greasing The Wheels...
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