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Got em Fired


Lil D got someone fired over a prank call. Have you ever seen those “ How’s My Driving”  bumper stickers you see on the back of work trucks? Yeah….When Little D was a young man he and an accomplice decided to call the number and lie telling them that he was driving like a crazy man. The lady informed him that this was the driver’s third strike and he was to be terminated immediately. OH NO! He tried to tell them that it all a prank but the damage was done the complaint had been filed there was nothing he could do to stop it.
Slacker has heard other people say that they are going to get him fired. It never really happens though. He tried to get a music store technician fired when he messed up his guitar. It did not work. We know someone that got someone fired over donut holes! A friend ordered donut holes and when she got home she realized that she was missing a large amount. She was outraged and made a big deal and the sales person got fired over it.
Have you ever gotten someone fired?
My story is more about self preservation. I once had a manager that I did not get along with and he kept writing me up for a false reasons. I was on the fast track to losing my job. I told my general manager about a night he and I shared as well as his little drug problem. All true. He was fired the next day and kept my job. I can’t say I feel bad but normally I would never kiss and tell.

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10/24/2013 7:13PM
Got em Fired
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