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Girl Code of Conduct

As any woman knows, there is a set of rules all women must follow when it comes to their fellow sisters. In fact, The Frisky has even come up with their official “Girl Code of Conduct.” Raise your hand and pledge …

"If your dress is hanging open in the back, I'll let you know and zip it up for you."
"If I come across a woman crying in a public restroom, I will offer her a tissue."
"I will always share my tampons."
"I will listen to my friend cry and comfort her (even if she’s just crying because she’s super wasted)."
"I will listen to my female friends complain about their guy problems, even if I think he sucks and she should have kicked him to the curb ages ago."
"I will volunteer to take my friend home if she’s not feeling well or too drunk to get home by herself. I will NOT let some random dude take her home."
"I will never sleep with another woman's man."
...(Check out the full list at The Frisky link above)

Slacker and Steve realize that guy code and girl code are two different things (especially if something is unzipped on a guy).  After reading a few of these, the guys believe that this list is a hit and miss when it comes to the female species.  But then again, we (Slacker, Steve, Dave, Brandon) are all guys and probably don't know any better.

Just like guys, girls have their own Code of Conduct.  But at the same time, whereas some guys are dumb enough to break their own code, girls do it all the time. ESPECIALLY when it comes to men.  Trust me, I live with girls, and have many friends that are girls.  Many of these I would see be upheld, but on the other side, girls can/will break the code to get with a man.

Keep it classy,


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07/11/2012 6:13PM
Girl Code of Conduct
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