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Ghost Stories


Allegedly, here are America's sexiest haunted hotels where you might get it on with a ghost.
Hotel Colorado (Glenwood Springs, CO)
There have been several ghost sightings at this historic hotel. Some male guests have reported a female ghost watches them while they sleep. Some ghosts just like to watch. Ask to stay in room 551.
Crescent Hotel & Spa (Eureka Springs, AR)
This charming Ozark hotel was originally used as a school for girls and later as a "fraudulent cancer hospital." Today this grand Victorian is widely-considered the most haunted hotel in America. Previous tenant, "Doctor" Norman Baker was said to have performed questionable medical techniques on both the living and the dead. There are many restless spirits here, including a sexy Irish stonemason who fell to his death in 1885.
The Battery Carriage House Inn (Charleston, SC)
This charming Charleston inn is home to several ghosts. A headless torso haunts Room 8. Some guests have reported he watches them while they sleep (not sure how he does that without a head) and he breathes quite heavily (on a side note, I've got an exboyfriend who also fits this profile). Lastly, Room 10 is home to a "gentleman ghost", so take that however you'd like.
Homestead (Hot Springs, VA)
Legend has it, a woman was set to marry at this inn, but at the last minute her groom-tobe got cold feet, left her before the ceremony and in response she took her own life. Staff members have reported seeing this bridal apparition roaming the resort.
Longfellows Wayside Inn (Sudbury, MA)
You know the story, American girl falls in love with a British guy. He promises to come back to America to marry her. He doesn't. She dies, single and alone after waiting over 40 years for him and subsequently becomes a ghost.
The Roosevelt (Hollywood, CA)
Montgomery Clift and Marilyn Monroe are two ghosts reported to wander the halls looking for an erotic ectoplasmic encounter. Ask for room 802.
The Queen Mary (Long Beach, CA)
The Queen Mary is considered to be one of the most haunted hotels in the U.S. due to the fact that it allegedly has a plethora of psychic "hot spots." Here's the rundown: The pool is reportedly haunted by the spirits of two women who drowned there in both the 1930s and 1960s; a woman in white haunts the Queen's Salon; and a man in a 1930s suit has been seen roaming around the First Class Suites.
It doesn't have to be relations story but we want to know, have you ever had an encounter with a ghost or spirit?

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10/28/2013 9:03PM
Ghost Stories
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10/29/2013 12:58PM
The house I grew up in
The house I grew up in is extremely haunted. My parents still live there. We hear cupboards open and close, the water faucets turn on by themselves. Lights and TV turn off and on by themselves. We have had a few times where we would all be in the bedroom watching a movie and someone would start shaking the door like it was locked and they were breaking in but no one would be in the other room and the door wasn't locked. We've heard my dads drums being played in the basement and no one is down there. We will be sleeping and feel someone sit down on the bed and no one is there. I've heard my sister, who passed away in 1994, say my name. I could go on and on ....
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