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Gastric Bypass - Refund On Food Portions

People that have had gastric bypass surgery done, think because they only eat half of their meal portion, they shouldn’t have to pay for the food they don’t eat. Do you think they should be reimbursed for their uneaten portions?
Steve doesn’t see why this would be the restaurants fault. Slacker agrees by saying why should you be special just because you had surgery? Steve thinks it’s a great thing trying to take care of yourself by getting the surgery done and it’s awesome, but you should probably plan on bringing food with you wherever you go or expect to take some home. That’s just how it is…
Slacker wonders if they should have this available to all people, not just for people that have had gastric bypass surgery done…What do you think? Should this theory be available to all people?
As much as I would love to be reimbursed for the food I don’t eat, you should expect that certain restaurants have certain meal sizes and that’s just the way it goes. If you can’t finish it, you have to take the loss and either take it home or except it. It’s not the restaurants fault you can’t finish it, like Steve said.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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05/14/2012 6:07PM
Gastric Bypass - Refund On Food Portions
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05/14/2012 6:19PM
That's crazy!!!!
I am a small petite woman...100lbs and could not possibly eat a full portion meal and NO RESTAURANT offers me $$ off......your surgery was your choice and THAT'S GREAT BUT doesn't mean you get $$ off your menu item......take it home like the rest of america.
05/29/2012 8:30PM
I had gastric bypass and have just started eating out again. My DH and I or one of the kids and I share a plate, when we do go out. There are times I wish restaurants offered mini meals or healthier kids meals so I could order my own plate. There are times we do not want the same things. The only complaint I do have is with Buffet type restaurants, we have completely stopped going because it is insane for me to pay 8-9 dollars to eat a 1/4 cup of food.
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