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GMD: Treat Our Son Normal


They have a child with special needs. In today's Great Mate Debate mom insists that he participate in the same activities as his siblings so he doesn't feel left behind, but dad says that he simply can't do all the things his siblings do and letting him try would make him feel worse than if he sat out. The two have considered putting him in a school specifically for kids with special needs, and dad especially thinks it’s a good idea because he doesn’t see any use in having him attend classes where the kids and material are so far advanced; what would he be

Steve has worked with special needs children in a specialty school and based on his understanding of how underdeveloped their son is he doesn’t see any harm in enrolling him in a special school.

Whose side are you on?

When it comes to his education I see no problem in helping him where it is needed; he has developmental issues and there’s no way around it. If he needs help, he deserves it.

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09/12/2013 3:27PM
GMD: Treat Our Son Normal
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09/13/2013 3:35PM
Not written in stone
Perhaps your son could start out in a special needs school where he can benefit from the specialized help. Then, if he reaches a point where you feel a regular ed classroom might work, he could change schools and perhaps enroll a grade level below his age to better match up with where the regular ed kids are socially, academically, and coordination-wise.
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