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GMD: Someone Else to Confide In


Rebekah and Colin have been dating for some time now, but every time they get in an argument or Rebekah needs to vent she goes to her mother for support. Colin doesn't like this because he thinks her parents will never like him. Rebekah says her mom is her best friend and gives her great advice.

Slacker asks Colin if he thinks the mom has a skewed opinion of him and he answered yes because he can tell. Rebekah says that it is her mom and he vents to his best friends about her and they think different of her too. Slacker asked Rebekah if she thinks what she is saying to her mom is bad and makes Colin look bad. She claims she doesn’t say a lot of bad things about him or else she wouldn’t be with him. He makes a good point by saying she is venting to someone who is super protective over her. She claims her mother literally is her best friend and she tells her everything.

Steve says it would be different if it was a friend because they’re just a sound board, not a mother who raised you your whole life. Steve and Slacker both agree that if you’re going to choose someone to vent to they have to choose a confidant that will be on neutral ground, just a person to listen to the complaints.

Whose side are you on?

I am on Rebekah’s side because Colin would already know if her mother didn’t like him. I tell my mom a lot too and she doesn’t judge my boyfriend through my eyes. She judges him through her own.

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08/14/2014 3:38PM
GMD: Someone Else to Confide In
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08/18/2014 5:16PM
gmd: someone to confide in
I wonder if Colin had a great relationship with a prior gf's mother, is comparing, and interpreting the difference as dislike? Perhaps this mom is cool to all of Rebekah's boyfriends.
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