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GMD: Sexy Halloween Costume


They had plans to go to a Halloween party together. Vanessa bought a sexy firefighter costume to wear. Even though he asked for it off, Martin got put on the schedule for the night of the party and can't go now. She is still planning to go and Martin says there is no way you can wear that costume if I'm not there with you. She says that she won't be showing any more skin than if he was there, so what's the difference?

Slacker points out that Martin uses words like “allow” and “let her” this denotes a bit of a controlling attitude. He does however, get what he is saying. It is a night where you get to dress up and pretend you are not who you normally are not and it could get out of hand.

Steve feels like she is going to do it anyways. This one is hard since even if she agrees to the compromise and wear a covering she will likely remove it upon arrival.

Should she wear the costume or not?

She spent the money for the costume and that is what she was going to wear before. If he felt uncomfortable with it, he should have said so in the beginning. This seems to me to be a trust issue. Trust your girlfriend to come home to you. If you don’t trust your partner then this relationship is headed to its end no matter how she dresses when she goes out.


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10/24/2013 3:25PM
GMD: Sexy Halloween Costume
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