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GMD: Mom is Too Clean


Kim says he insists on letting their child Connor get away with murder! She just wants a clean house for her and her family to live in. Even before Connor came along she likes things to be in its place it allows her to relax. She needs to keep up the house all day or it gets to be too much since he pulls stuff out all over the house. She feels she is giving Connor structure so he learns how to clean up after himself.

Kyle says she is a neat freak and doesn’t let Connor make messes ever! He needs to be a kid let him make messes sometimes. She is stifling his creativity. She immediately picks up his Legos or his coloring book or PlayDo as soon as he walks away before he has a chance to explore what he can build. She should leave it for a bit so if he wants to come back to it he can. He appreciates her keeping up the house but he wants his kid to be able to express himself as a kid. He wants her to leave Connor’s messes to stay for an hour before picking it up. The house does not have to be perfect all the time.

Slacker‘s wife is from Brazil so she cleans up immediately because when she was young there was not enough room to leave messes. When he was a kid he used to build stuff over the course of a week or a month. He would leave it and come back to it later. Slacker thinks Kim is right you can’t allow the messes to pile up and soon you will be living in filth. The mess is part of being a kid.

Steve hates messes so he agrees with Kim. Steve says that he and Kim are kindred spirits. Teach your kids to be creative but when it is done you have to put it back. They should have an area for the child can get messy so that he can play. If Kim is tearing apart Lego projects, that’s not cool. If you can’t handle messes then kids should have been the last thing on your list because that is what they do.

Whose side are you on? What should they do?

Kids should be allowed to keep their Legos out or their puzzles etc. In their room away from everyone else’s living space should not be a problem. You don’t want your kids to grow up slobs either. I think it is great that Connor has two parents that are passionate about both sides. Kim and Kyle need a compromise like letting the art stuff stay out longer or maybe designate him a special area that only gets cleaned up once a day so he is free to do his thing and the whole house isn’t a mess for Kim’s sake.


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10/31/2013 4:06PM
GMD: Mom is Too Clean
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