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GMD: Hit a Dog

Yi, today’s Great Mate Debate is about Cammie, who had an accident and wants to give up an everyday task, because of one thing …

Cammie was driving and hit a dog. She is really upset about it and doesn't want to drive anymore. Colton says that is absolutely ridiculous and she needs to get over her fear. He has no idea how they would function in life without her driving.

Slacker and Steve don’t want to take sides on this one. We need her to find a way to get her past what happened, or public transportation… No one is right and no one is wrong, you can’t make someone drive…it was a dog and she is clearly really torn up over what happened. But Slacker and Steve are not sure that her husband can handle and should be forced to be her taxi driver forever.

Whose side are you on?

Eventually Cammie will probably need to drive again; clearly she needs to get over what happened. Maybe adopting a dog or a cat and giving it a loving life, could take away some of the guilt she is feeling.

Intern Lauren

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05/30/2013 3:28PM
GMD: Hit a Dog
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05/30/2013 3:39PM
Seriously -
Have the husband buy her a bus pass - this is crazy!! I'm a major animal lover, I hit a cat when I was younger, thought it was my own. . . you have to deal with so many tragic things in life - if she can't move on from this god forbid anything else happen in her world? Divorce? Death of a child?? I was t-boned in September, it's nerve wracking driving, but I still do - I have a job and children to take care of - As the callers are saying - seek therapy - but you can't quit living or become a burden because of fear. Fear is our own worst enemy.
05/30/2013 4:23PM
I understand!!
Guys, a couple years ago I smacked a deer, and it took me a few weeks to feel better about driving and I still at night kind of panic sometimes. Here is a solution...if she knows who the family is...there is adopt an animal free this weekend at the dane county humane society. Dogs and cats are free!! Maybe she can go with the family and get a dog and put some closure to it. A new family member gets a new home and she can put closure to it.
05/30/2013 4:26PM
Possibly find out how the dog is doing...
My husband was out walking 3 dogs off leash on Monday night when our big dog was hit while going around some sprinklers on the sidewalk. This resulted in the other dogs scattering. One of the little dogs (who we were dog sitting for an extra dose of responsibility) was hit by a second car as he was trying to get to our house. Good news - Both dogs are totally fine. The first driver did not stop but took off - we guess he was driving drunk. The other driver came to our door - we were trying to get little dog to animal ER so didn't have a chance to talk much. Results from ER - expensive vet bill for a few stitches on an upper lip. My husband is feeling incredibly guilty but paying the vet bill and little dog being fine is helping a ton. Some stories don't end so well, but it really helped my husband to go back to where everything happened and realize that big dog would have been hit regardless because they stepped off the sidewalk at night at a blind turn. It could have prevented other things with the other dogs being on leash. She needs to know, owners make a choice to walk their animals on or off leash (ours will be on leash from now on). That is not her fault. Drive slowly through your neighborhood - the traumatic experience will heal sooner than she thinks!
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