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GMD: Filthy Car


Earl and Samantha's marriage is on the line and it's all because of her car. It is filthy with trash everywhere and Earl is saying she needs to clean it. Samantha says she's raising two kids and has way more to deal with than her car being dirty.

Slacker isn’t taking Earl’s side, but he questions Samantha about her time and asked her if she can take 5 minutes to clean it. She replied she can go get it cleaned by a professional. He asked Samantha how bad is the car actually? How many wrappers are really in there? Samantha replied that she cleans the car out every 7-10 days. Earl is paying for her car and he thinks Earl is up playing the trash in the car.  

Steve said to Samantha that she needs to be a role model for her kids. He is a very neat and cleanly person, so he gets Earl’s position. He has dated single moms and there was trash in their cars too. He hated it.

Whose side are you on?
I am on both sides. I have a neat, messy car. It looks disorganized, but I know exactly where everything is in my car although, I don’t have children. That is a big factor. But seriously clean your car lady. Take 10 minutes or do what you suggested and go get it cleaned. That’s disgusting.

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01/30/2014 3:26PM
GMD: Filthy Car
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01/30/2014 3:50PM
5 kids
The car isn't that important. I agree with her. I choose to clean my house and laundry first. Then when I put gas in I throw away trash. Yes I try to get trash when I can in between but if not then when I fill up.
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