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GMD: Fancy Clothes

Alyssa is a real estate agent who spends lots of money on brand name clothes to impress her clients. She thinks it makes her client know she's serious about her job and sell more houses. Her husband Joseph thinks she's crazy for blowing their money on clothes when she's not even that great at her job.

Slacker wonders if there's a way for her to save money but still have nice clothes. He wants to know if Joseph is trying to give constructive criticism or if he's just being straight up rude to her. He doesn't think Joseph understands that it's their money not just his money.

Steve thinks her husband is going about it in a rude way by insulting her about her job. He thinks Joseph could have gone about it in a nicer way. If he encouraged her more for something else rather than telling her how bad she is at working and unrealistic her job it.

Does she need to have expensive clothes in order to be good at her job?

Intern Courtney

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05/22/2014 3:44PM
GMD: Fancy Clothes
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05/23/2014 8:08AM
Successful Realtors Don't Need to Look "Fancy"
I'm a relatively "new" Realtor -- 6 years -- It is a hard job and it takes a while to become successful at it. Sometimes years. If she thinks she needs to look a certain way to be successful, then she's not going to be a good Realtor. If you're going to put yourself into debt, just to have a certain look, then you're not the Realtor I want to work with. I want someone (and most buyers & sellers) want someone who is financially responsible. In 2008 when I got my license I was driving a 1997 Subaru Legacy. When meeting with clients, I drove the "nice car" -- my husband's 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. Seriously. Finally after two years and getting some sales under my belt (I scrimped and saved) and "splurged" on a USED 2006 Nissan Murano S (not SL, no fancy bells and whistles, no leather, no NAV). I paid CASH. I'm now making well into six figures and guess what?? I'm still driving my crappy Nissan Murano with 100K miles on it. I don't have a car payment and I have no credit card debt. My clients love and RESPECT me because I am NOT your "typical" Realtor who looks "rich" and pretentious. I am a REAL person, just like them. Furthermore....90% of Realtors only do a handful of deals a year and average about $40-50K a year. There are very few Realtors who are very successful at it. Most Realtors LEASE their cars because they can't afford to purchase. Most have huge credit card debt. My advice to Alyssa: Focus on your job first, and learn the SKILLS and techniques for being successful FIRST. The nice clothes, car, etc can come later -- as a reward, if you're good at it. Looking rich and pretentious isn't going to earn you business. You have to actually WORK at that. You can look PROFESSIONAL without spending a ton of money. Sounds like you aren't that successful because you have your priorities backwards. Good luck to you. Sally
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