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GMD: Don't Want Our Kid To Turn Into A Jerk!


John and Alicia called us live today for Great Mate Debate.  Alicia, John and their son spend time with Alicia’s best friend, Laura, her husband, Rob, and their son, David.  John no longer wants his son Joshua to be around David because he is not well behaved at all and is afraid that his behavior will rub off on him.  Alicia holds strong to the fact that Joshua is a very well behaved little boy and will be just fine even if they continue hanging out.  John wants Alicia to have an honest and adult conversation with Laura, telling her that the two boys can’t hang out anymore but she can still continue her relationship with her best friend.

Slacker admits that his kids are the little terrors that David is being described as.  He says now that if this goes a certain way today, he’s afraid that all of his friends are going to stop talking to him and his family for the same reasons. But if the tables were turned, Slacker can understand the need to take care of his children’s needs first and would possibly remove them from that situation.

Whose side are you on?

I am going to take Alicia’s side on this.  If she had this conversation with her best friend it could potentially be the end of a great relationship.  As parents I think they both should be honest with their son about his behavior.  If he acts up or is doing things that David is doing, reprimand him and tell him why.  But what do I really know?  I only have dogs and raising them is a far cry from raising a child!

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09/06/2012 3:41PM
GMD: Don't Want Our Kid To Turn Into A Jerk!
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09/06/2012 3:57PM
I'm not on either side of the arguement, . Alicia has a good point about raising her son right, no matter where josh goes there are going to influences good and bad. Its up to your parenting skills to show him which are the best choices to make. I am a mother of 6, and they all have friends im not to fond of although one impeticular isnt allowed in our yard to play with my kids they still play with him outside the yard; mind you this kids cusses and is a bully but my kids know right from wrong and i talk to them everyday about the good and of course the BAD influences. good luck guys.
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