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GMD: Dating Daughter


Today’s Great Mate Debate is about Christine and her sister-in-law Brenda… 

Christine has been keeping a very big secret from her husband, and she doesn’t know how or if she should come clean. She’s been allowing their 15-year-old daughter to date behind his back, because he refuses to even discuss dating until she is 17. Christine says she is a good girl. She is responsible and trustworthy. She knows her school work comes before boys and fun, but her husband doesn't want her to grow up. Her boyfriend is a sweet 16-year-old boy who lives up the street. His parents are good people and their dating is very innocent – neither one likes to party or stay out late.

Christine told her sister-in-law Brenda…and now Brenda thinks they need to tell her brother (Christine’s husband). Brenda says that his role is to be the protector of his daughter and Christine is taking that away from him. Brenda thinks that Christine is making her daughter vulnerable and teaching her at a young age that she needs a man in her life to be happy. Brenda also says that Christine is taking all credibility from her husband when it comes to parenting, and down the road her daughter will use to get what she wants and potentially put herself in a bad situation.

Slacker and Steve both think that Christine is being a good mom, she is on top of, and has a handle on the daughters relationship and seems very in control of the situation.  On the other hand Slacker and Steve don’t think that Christine is being a good wife, and showing her daughter that in a relationship, if they disagree with things you just keep it on the down low, which in turn isn’t being a good role model for her daughter.

Whose side are you on?

I agree with Slacker and Steve, but in the end Christine needs to tell her husband.  To be honest both Christine and her daughter will feel better not keeping this secret.  But everyone’s heart seems to be in the right place. 

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05/02/2013 3:30PM
GMD: Dating Daughter
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