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GMD: Wear the Wedding Ring


Today's Great Mate Debate; Marcie doesn’t wear her wedding ring because she works with ex-cons... David says that he saved for a long time to buy the ring and he really thinks that she needs to wear it...

Slacker thinks that if guards are present and keeping the peace around the ex-cons who should be on good behavior, why wouldn’t she wear her ring.  A wedding ring is a sign of the marriage and love, and it should never be taken off. 

Whose side are you on?

Personally I don’t think it is a big deal… and if he really wants her to wear a ring, it should just be a simple band to make him feel better. 

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06/20/2013 3:42PM
GMD: Wear the Wedding Ring
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06/20/2013 4:20PM
Simple solution ??
I also have a super expensive wedding ring that I don't wear that much. Instead, I wear a really simple and plain thin wedding band on a daily basis, mostly for practicality (I work in the kitchen a lot). I know my husband is very proud of the ring he gave me, and I make sure that I wear it at every opportunity where he would like to "show it off" (never literally or boastfully though). I think this is a simple solution to "showing that you are married", but don't necessarily address the other issues with the coworker and wanting to show off the ring all the time.
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