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GMD: Shut Down The Ex

Today’s Great Mate Debate is all about psycho’s and how to deal with them. Tyler’s ex-girlfriend, Shannon, has suddenly reappeared in his life…his wife, Natalie wants Tyler to tell her to go away, but he’s not sure that’s such a good idea! The ex is blowing up Tyler’s facebook page, emailing him, commenting on his status, liking all his photos, etc. Tyler figures if he ignores her, she’ll go away. If he acknowledges her and tells her to stop, the ex will go psycho. Natalie is done with this woman and wants Tyler to put a stop to it and respond by telling her to shove off! Natalie also sounds like she’s not sure if she believes Tyler when he says he hasn’t had any communication at all throughout this episode. After all, she should know that their married! Their photos of the wedding are on his facebook page.
Slacker mentions that if Tyler blocks her on fb, then Shannon will have won. Slacker has discovered, after recently dealing with a psycho recently on the show, the more you engage with her, the worse it got! As soon as you put up those walls to protect yourself, they will put on their spelunking gear and prepare to climb the bigger wall that you have built…
Both Tyler and Natalie have great points. Slacker doesn’t think Natalie is insecure in this instance, which is typically the case in these situations.
Steve asked Natalie to reassure him that she doesn’t have any trust issues. Steve’s not buying it.Steve mentioned that it sounded like Natalie thinks Tyler has prompted this ordeal by possibly responding to Shannon facebook efforts to reach out.
The fellas think this is a tough GMD. As this goes, Slacker and Steve are looking for jury members on this debate and Steve asked the question…”Do you think anyone will admit to being the crazy person in the past or will all the calls be advice from the victim’s side?”
What do you think is the right way to handle this before it escalates?
I would just ignore it! I have a few old classmates that have made advances towards me on fb and they know I’m hitched and happy…They just can’t believe they missed their opportunity back in the day. It’s as harmless as a crush IF you just let it go. If Tyler has reached out to her at all, he’s simply foolish to not admit even the slightest communication! That is what could be truly feeding the fire! Then I would have to believe that Tyler has the psychotic tendencies by toying with his wife’s trust. He’ll spend the entire life of the relationship looking back on that mistake, I assure you. That would be a huge mistake!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern  

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07/19/2012 4:00PM
GMD: Shut Down The Ex
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