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GMD: Pregnancy Excuse


Today's GMD comes from Cynthia and Danny...The guys aren’t sure about doing today’s GMD…

He says it’s just an excuse…she says he can’t and won’t ever understand!

Cynthia is pregnant. Danny says she uses it as an excuse to get out of doing everything…plenty of women have been pregnant before and they were still able to get stuff done. She says that he has no idea what her body is going through and no matter how hard he tries to understand, he never will.
Danny’s side is this is a nightmare. They’ve been fighting about it for a month. She’s 14 weeks pregnant. She’s done nothing since they found out she was expecting. She’s using it as an excuse to do anything. He makes the toast, the tea, the shopping for groceries and he’s basically waiting on her hand and foot. His brother’s wife was not at all like this.
Cynthia feels like she’s is in hell. Absolutely miserable and physically can’t do anything. Her number one supporter, Danny, is not any help at all.
Slacker wants to know if she is soccer flopping a little bit. He knows she’s said the typical “it’s my body and you wouldn’t understand.” Slacker can’t empathize with any woman because he won’t ever be a woman. He then state the words that will probably end his life. “You’re just pregnant! Look around! Every person you see has come from someone who was JUST pregnant and you are not the only one.”
Steve wants to know when Slacker became just like Steve?
Do you think she’s overplaying the pregnant card or is Danny being under sympathetic?
I think she needs to get to a doctor and make sure she’s doing the right thing for her body. Is everything in order? Get the words from the Doctor and then ask Danny for help. There is no way a man can tell what a woman needs unless it has been discussed and / or communicated. How does she act when she goes to work? Lazy? Tired? She needs to figure out the health of her body. It’s a team effort. Plenty of women do this alone. She doesn’t have to, but it might go that way if she doesn’t give a little to get a little…
Peace, Love And Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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10/04/2012 4:51PM
GMD: Pregnancy Excuse
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