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GMD: Move Closer to College

Don and Lisa’s daughter is graduating and going to college in California. Lisa wants to move to California to stay close to her daughter since they have a good relationship. Don thinks they need to give their daughter her space since she chose a school far away in the first place.
Slacker wants to know if it’s easy for them to move to California or if they would have to sacrifice jobs and other responsibilities. He was offered numerous scholarships to other colleges but chose to stay in state to be close to home. He wonders if their daughter purposely chose California to get away from home. He thinks if she knows her daughter well enough then she may be right.
Steve wonders why they can’t move somewhere in California. Not right by the campus but at least close enough for her to drive home when she needs to. He thinks Lisa sounds like a great mom but Don is just trying to consider what’s best for his daughter at this stage in her life.
Do you think they should move with their daughter or stay where they are?

I think their daughter should decide whether she wants her parents to move to California with her or not. My brother went to college in Hawaii and got homesick after a few months. I think it'd be smart for her stay close to her parents if she does get homesick. In the end it's all her decision whether she wants them there or not

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02/27/2014 3:39PM
GMD: Move Closer to College
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02/27/2014 4:28PM
college move
Don't do it. Point 1. Do you know how high the ratio is for college students who transfer or drop out? Point 2 She needs some time to find out who she is? Point 3 Have you studied the cost of living in California? Point 4 Would you move there after she graduated? Point 5 Are there siblings? My parents followed me to my college town. Without going into detail, it ruined my sisters life and took years to overcome the bitterness between her and them and me and her. Its the biggest mistake my family made all for the case of keeping the family together.
03/03/2014 5:56PM
Moving closer to college
I think you two as parents did a great job raising your daughter and now she is approaching college!! The dreams you hoped for her are here and it is hard us to let go!! It sounds like you may be able to fly out for visits and and fly her home on her many breaks! It will be hard the 1st 2 weeks on all but so exciting at the same time for her! Be there as you always have with encouragement and if she wants to transfer closer her sophomore year (probably not, but maybe) let her. I cried when I took my only child to college AFTER we dropped him off! He is now studying abroad for his second semester in New Zealand and I can't be happier for him!! Miss him terribly but I learned to skype! Be proud of her and always tell her that and she will know she makes her own "right" decisions! Good luck!!
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