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GMD: Junk Car


We heard from Ben and Camille live today for Great Mate Debate.  Ben was restoring a ’67 Mustang with his dad and rekindling their relationship for a while before his dad died nine months ago.  The car has sat in Ben and Camille’s garage since then…untouched.  Camille wants Ben to get rid of the car because it is taking up space and no longer allowing her to park her car in the garage.  She says that the significance of the Mustang could be dangerous because the car being restored or not, won’t bring Ben’s father back. Ben admits that he doesn’t know anything about cars but made a promise to himself and his father that it would get done one way or another but doesn’t have the time right now…

Slacker and Steve stayed pretty strong on Camille’s side saying that the Mustang has already served its purpose, it brought an estranged father and son back together.  Steve says the memories are in your head and you don’t need the physical things to hang on to, especially since it’s putting a strain on their relationship.  Slacker brings up a good point, why own a home with a garage if you can’t utilize it?

Whose side are you on?

I’m gonna have to agree with Camille, Slacker, and Steve…And what happens if Ben did finish the car? It doesn’t bring back his father, he will just have the sense of pride that he did it. But does it still stay in the garage where Camille wants her car that she drives every day? I think Ben just needs to let go…

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07/12/2012 3:41PM
GMD: Junk Car
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07/12/2012 3:52PM
bens side
I am on bens side camille is insensitive and if i was ben i would divorce her!
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