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GMD: He Told His Friend First


Today’s Great Mate Debate comes from Lena, Jamie…and Casey

It’s important to have friends when you’re married…but what happens when your spouse shares more with their friend than they do with you?

Jamie and Lena have been looking to buy a house. They put in an offer on one in his best friend’s neighborhood. When their offer was accepted, Jamie told his friend before he told his wife. Lena’s upset because Jamie told his friend, Casey, first…Lena says that Jamie always shares more with his friend, Casey, than with Lena.

Slacker thinks this will be an easy debate to resolve.

Lena says that it seems that Jamie is spending a whole lot more time with Casey than he is spending with her and she doesn’t understand.

Steve’s says that women do this with their girlfriend’s all the time. Altogether now…ALL THE TIME! Steve informs Lena that she’s not going to be the first one to be informed on everything, everytime. He understands that she could be jealous and her butt hurts.

Lena insists she’s not jealous.

Jamie says that different friend’s fulfill different needs.

Slacker doesn’t want to make it worse and see this end in divorce, but Slacker is going to give Steve complete props and say s that he has pretty much solved this debate in one foul swope. Slacker says that if the tables were turned, this would be a non-issue. Guys aren’t that concerned about how much time girls spend with each other. It gives us guys more time to be guys! Slacker wants to know exactly what Lena wants Jamie to do? Should he or shouldn’t he have a sound board?

Steve adamantly states “Women do!”

Whose side are you on?

One person cannot meet the needs of another person all the time. Yes, people need to have more than just their spouses or significant others to bounce things off of. Jamie just needs to make sure he has his priorities in order. If you’re buying a house with Lena and happen to be so excited that you call Casey first. Make damn sure you tell Casey to cool it and keep his mouth shut! Make sure Casey knows that he needs want to be the one to tell Lena, himself. If this guy is such a good friend, he should already be respecting that relationship and understand that Lena would rightfully have an issue with him knowing first…

I’m on Lena side because Jamie didn’t think first and speak second. Super important when your married!
Peace Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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07/26/2012 3:40PM
GMD: He Told His Friend First
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