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GMD: 1st Birthday Kegger


Today’s Great Mate Debate is between Mandy and her husband, Chris and their son, Logan.

Chris’s Family tradition is that every child’s 1st birthday party be a keg party. She feels it is a frat house type of event. She doesn’t know why they would do that! He argues that it’s been passed down through at least 3 generations, maybe more!  He invites the family and they look forward to the event. It’s technically a holiday to them.
Chris defends that it’s simply something his Irish family does. Whenever anyone turns 1, it’s a celebration of life. Chris assures that no underage drinking ensues. Everyone tosses a few back and has a good time. Chris says that not everybody has to drink. He suggests that if they want to do a unicorn birthday or whatever, make it happen on a different day. Chris and his family call it “the big onesie”!

Mandy argues that it promotes alcoholism. Mandy just thinks that it needs to be more pure. Mandy doesn’t care if it family tradition, she doesn’t want her 1 year old to have a ‘kegger’!

Slacker wants to know what Mandy wants. Does she want cherubs to come down from heaven and celebrate? The way the world ‘allowed’ gets inside of Steve’s head, the word ‘Normal’ gets inside iof Slacker’s.  Slacker gonna let these two borrow his big-ass beer bong for this one. Slacker knows one thing for sure is always at a kids party…The kid gets his own cake and gets to mow down on it all by himself. Slacker had to conform to this at his own son’s wedding. One last point. It’s a woman thing. Slacker doesn’t want to piss anyone off, but the kid gloves always come off on this topic…She carried the child, he’s one and she gets to make the call.

Steve makes the point that there are 2 events that drinking is mandatory…Weddings and kid birthday parties! Steve’s gets the feeling that Slacker wouldn’t want to party with Mandy. Steve wants to know if Mandy and Chris drank at their wedding…Mandy says ‘Yes’, so then Steve comments that it’s not her family doesn’t drink!

See, when Steve is being mean, he comes up to you like a baby seal and then punches you in the face.

Slacker, Chris and Steve don’t remember their first birthday party.

The guys like this couple. Let’s just hope they don’t get divorced!

Steve argues that it’s their child now and the decision is simple. KEGGER!

Whose side are you on?

I always have a bit of a ‘tailgate’ party before my child’s birthday parties. If you show up early, we tip a few back and set up. The ladies get the best of both worlds…Guys in a good mood hanging out with 5-10 kids and then they can do the chick thing and talk shop while the party moves right along…everybody is happy!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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08/09/2012 5:04PM
GMD: 1st Birthday Kegger
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