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Found It and Kept It!

An HVAC employee was called to a residence to fix an AC unit.  When he opened up the unit he discovered $250,000 worth of gold bars.  He turned the gold to the homeowner. Would you have told the homeowner?  The homeowner never would have known.  Would you have kept most of the bars and maybe given the homeowner one of the bars?  Another dude was rooting around his grandfather's attic when he discovered $3.5 million worth of old baseball cards including Ty Cobb and Cy Young cards. A new tenant moved into a Palm Beach, FL house and discovered 71 $100 bills in the linen closet stashed under some left-behind sheets. She turned the money over to the building manager.

Slacker says if he were to find something worth over $7 he would, without a doubt, keep it.  Even if it makes him a bad influence on his kids or other younger listeners, he would not give it another thought.  Unless, of course, it was very clear that the person who lost it really needed it (the example he gave being an invoice for their child's kidney replacement in the envelope of $1,000 that they dropped).  Steve said he would take any money he found to a police station, though there was much apprehension from Slacker about that.

Finding 20 bucks on the street is one thing but if I were put in the "finding $250,000 worth of gold bars in an air-conditioning system" situation I would probably be too wracked with guilt to keep it all.  I might instead just take one of them as my finder's fee (but even then my conscience would likely not be able to handle it).

What hidden treasure did you find that you were torn between keeping and returning?

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07/17/2012 3:40PM
Found It and Kept It!
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