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Found It And Kept It

If you haven’t heard the saying, finder’s keepers, loser weepers… maybe you should consider it. One man in Florida obviously didn’t get that memo because he discovered a briefcase full of cash and returned it to its rightful owner. The couple had left the case on top of their car as they left a restaurant and when the man noticed the case in the road, he opened it to search for clues to contact them and found papers inside with a telegram and a giant stack of hundreds adding up to $8,000. Since he felt like it was a moral obligation to return it, he was able to hunt down the couple and give it back.
Unlike this man, when I discovered a really expensive ring in a garage sale that stated everything FREE I grabbed it. I found it, I kept it, and I ran like the wind. I don’t think I thought twice about telling the owner what they were handing away. It’s their fault…
When have you found and kept something? Have you ever found and returned something?

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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02/01/2012 9:58AM
Found It And Kept It
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