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Found In Food

It's happened to us're starving so you order some food. When it comes out, you take your first big bite to discover a hair, or a fingernail, or a band-aid. Like this guy from Miami!
A Miami man says he found a Band-Aid in his order of Mexican Chop Chop (chopped grilled chicken over yellow rice). When he went to spread curry sauce over his plate, he noticed something light brown floating in the green sauce; assuming it was a chicken bone, he began to dig it out with his finger. He found a used Band-Aid.  He went back to the store, where he says the manager offered a refund but also pleaded with him not to alarm other customers. He then called the company's corporate office; a corporate Chicken Kitchen representative confirmed the company had offered a refund and a free meal. "We did what we could to remedy the situation," she said. The customer says he could easily get it by returning to the store or by check, and then she questioned whether he was actually interested in finding a resolution. She argued, "So it really doesn't matter what I say or what my company offers. He just wants to make Chicken Kitchen look bad." Yes, he does. He says he'll never eat at the restaurant again. "It's so nasty -- I just don't want anybody to eat there," he says. "I want people to understand the risk.”
Or like this man from New York City,
A patron of a New York City Chop't restaurant—a "Creative Salad Company"—happened upon a disgusting dead rodent when chomping into his wrap on Tuesday. The wrap had been made by the Chop't location in the Financial District of Manhattan. According to his supportive friends and colleagues, who tweeted links and photos on his behalf (both which have since been deleted), the wrap-eater had already taken a bite into his lunch when he discovered the deceased rodent. The wrap was made at the 80 Pine Street location, a franchise that had been given an A rating by the NYC health inspector as early as September of last year.
Slacker says he has found a wrapper from the packet of chicken in his meal! He was eating chicken tacos and he took a bite of something and then he looked and it was the plastic from the chicken! Slacker said it even said “Pollo!” He says that he would rather find a band aid than some gauze in his food. Slacker says that they need to change the subject because when someone finds animals or spiders in their food he will never eat again!
Steve says that the weirdest thing is vegetables, whenever he orders food he asks for none and when they are there he wants to know why! He thinks that the band aid that was found in the curry might have had some dried blood on it. Steve says at least it’s not as bad as someones gauze!
What’s the craziest thing you have found in your food?
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07/09/2014 3:16PM
Found In Food
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