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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Food O.C.D.

We all can be a little OCD about things in our lives, but have you ever noticed it with food? Slacker has some OCD’s that revolve around the textures of certain foods like ice cream bars that he won’t put in his mouth because of the wooden stick. It’s the same with the wooden spoon. He won’t lick anything that touches a wooden spoon. When it comes to other foods, Slacker has to eat the ridges off of a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup first before he gets into the peanut butter and he has to eat the cookie part off of a Twix bar first before he eats the rest. Our Producer Dave is the same way, except he eats the ridges off of a Ritz Cracker before he continues to eat the rest.
Slacker tried to get Steve to believe he is OCD with certain foods and although he’s not fully convinced himself, it’s true…He is. He’s gotten better about it though…Back in the day he would have to buy Dixie Plates that would separate the food for you, but now he has grown to love foods mixed together or will at least let them touch. It’s like when Slacker made Steve try Sushi for the first time. Slacker would hand him a piece of Sushi and he would barely stick his tongue on it before he was already disgusted by it, but once he actually stuck the whole piece in his mouth, he actually enjoyed the mixture of flavors and the texture, as well.
When it comes to Oreos, Steve doesn’t eat the cookie part. Instead, he tears apart the cookie and stacks up all the white cream into its own giant cookie, and eats that. He’ll just through the actually cookie part away!
One thing that Steve absolutely hates is when he finds a yellow piece of candy and when he puts it in his mouth; he realizes that it’s not the lemon favor he was looking for, but the nasty banana. In his words, “Don’t slip me the banana!”
The only food OCD that fell back on Slacker when he was trying to convince Steve he was OCD, was M&Ms. If Slacker was to lay out a whole bag on M&M’s onto the table, Steve would just grab a handful like normal and eat them, but Slacker can’t. He knows they all taste the same, but he must separate them by color before he eats them. It’s just like that with Dots and Runts for him. He will separate them by shape and color and eat the worst flavors first, saving the best for last.
Are you like Slacker and Steve with any of these food OCD’s?
What is your food OCD?

Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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09/05/2012 3:36PM
Food O.C.D.
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09/05/2012 5:36PM
I used to eat Kit-Kat bars by the layer. I couldn't just eat it straight, I would have to pull each bar apart and eat each bar layer by layer.
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