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Flipped Off

In Florida, a woman was driving her car when another woman drove past her, flipped her off and seconds later flipped her car and it went up in flames. When the woman that was flipped the bird noticed, she still got out of her car and helped save the life of the woman and her child! Everyone is said to be okay, but if Slacker was in the situation where someone flipped him the middle finger and then he noticed their car up in flames, he doesn’t think he would of stopped and been a Good Samaritan. In other words, they had what was coming to them. He would never himself flip someone off himself because he has a kid in the car and you never know if the other person is crazy. In high school Slacker knew this guy that hated him and he spent two years rebuilding a GTO. The day he got it done and it was beautiful, Slacker was coming out of the school and the guy drove by, flipped him off and sped off, but the car got out of control, jumped up on the curve and ran into a stop sign. The whole front of the car went was ruined and he was all bloody. Slacker walked up to the car, said no (insert your name here), flipped him off and walked away. Would you have helped the woman in the car or would you have kept driving?
In another story about flipping someone off, a woman was given the bird by a guy in a sports car, but weeks later she set up a first date with a guy on and when she noticed his car, it just so happened to be the exact same guy! Now they just laugh about it together!
I’ve been flipped off a time or two in my life and I’ve even returned a few, but mostly because I’m a cautious driver and no one really cares about that. They just want to get where they have to go and as fast as possible. If I was in the case where the person I saw flips me off got into an accident, I would probably have to stop and at least do something to try and help them. I think it would sit too much on my conscience.
Have you ever been flipped off? Were you the one that gave the bird?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/09/2012 3:26PM
Flipped Off
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03/09/2012 3:35PM
I flipped off someone
I was merging onto Arapahoe and was almost forced off of the road by someone who would not let me over. I got up next to her flipped her off and sped off. I was in my husbands work truck which had their phone number posted. She called his manager and cussed him out, which he in turn did to my husband... Ooops!
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