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Flight Attendant Encounters

A woman heading to Texas on a flight was detained in Los Angeles for ten hours because she was painting her nails on a Southwest plane. While she was painting her nails in her seat, a flight attendant approached her and asked her to stop. She apologized and put the nail polish away, but thought since she only had two left to paint, she would just head to the bathroom. When she left the bathroom, another flight attendant was outside the door waiting for her. They started to argue with each other so the woman called the flight attendant a foul word. She was later arrested and charged with “abusive profane language.” She was released ten hours later and a judge dropped the charge.
Steve has one question with all this… Why is it a bad thing to paint your nails on a plane?
Slacker knows flight attendants are well trained and he would tip them if he could because he knows they go through so much crap in a day, but having said that, he thinks they are equivalent to a mall security guard or as he calls it, mall security guard syndrome. He thinks as soon as they think they have some sort of power, they over exercise it creating something out of nothing.
Having said that, he has been on a flight with a friend where there had a flight attendant encounter. His friend had grabbed a small nasty pillow from a bin on her way inside the plane and once she started getting cozy in her seat to fall asleep, a flight attendant walked up and yanked the pillow out from under her head and said it was a first class pillow, not for someone in coach. Slacker wished the flight attendant would have at least been a human being and said excuse me. It was so rude.
Have you had a flight attendant encounter?
I’ve only had good flight attendant encounters… Once on a flight from New York to Denver we got really bad turbulence so the male flight attendant calmed me down and talked me through it… Now that I think about it though, he told me that was we were experiencing was nothing compared to flying to Vegas in the summer and I went, oh great, that’s my next trip in August.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/07/2012 6:19PM
Flight Attendant Encounters
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