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First World Problems


Not being able to go to the bathroom because your maid is cleaning it, your steering wheel isn't heated like your seats, buying groceries but not having enough room for them in the fridge. What do all of these have in common? They are first world problems!

Slacker is seriously ripping into Steve for his valve stem caps. He agrees that the ALS ice bucket challenge is kind of sick when there are countries with no clean water. He admits America is being a total d-bag about it. Slacker has four mac book pros and he can text other iPhones from his computer. But, every time he texts a person that doesn’t have an iPhone, he has to go find his iPhone. He has all Mac products and the whole line of Mac Book Pros/ iPads, except for the Mac Book Air and he is very upset about it!

Steve bought a new Audi and he also bought new valve stem caps to match it. He customized them and bought two different styles. He was going through a house remodel and now he can’t find his custom valve stem caps and he is very upset about it. That is his first world problem.

Lil D has a water cooler at his house and it doesn’t get the water cold enough so he has to use ice every time. The condensation from the last glass stained his furniture. He also has his Apple TV, Xbox, and his DVD player but only has 2 HDMI converters on the back of his TV! Ugh!!

What is your first world problem?

I can’t find the remote to my fan and now I die of heat at night. UGH!

Intern Nikki

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08/28/2014 6:23PM
First World Problems
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