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First Word Problems

We have it pretty good here in living in a first world country. We have running water, the latest technology, fancy restrooms, and FOOD!

According to a UNICEF survey, the four  biggest "first-world problems" are slow internet access, not being able to find something at the grocery store, bad-tasting fruit, and bad haircuts.

A first world problem is something that is a nusance but is not really a "problem."

Slacker and Steve both hate when the porn they are trying to watch tekes to long to download.  It puts Steve out of the mood.

People in a third world country would love to have a grocery store with even just rice in it but Slacker cannot stand when the move his Agave… (his substitute for honey).

Steve first world problem is when he uses the remote to turn on the TV and cable box and only the cable box turns on. Then when he tries to push buttons to turn on the TV the cable box turns off and the TV turns on. End result: he has to get up and turn them both on.

Producer Dave hates when he heats up his food and the outside is scorching and the inside is still frozen.
What is your first world "problem?"

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10/10/2012 4:09PM
First Word Problems
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10/11/2012 6:48AM
My favorate 1st world problem
You go through a drive through and they mess up your order
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