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Diamond Diggers


There is a 23 year old penniless woman in Toronto that wants to eat at all the fancy restaurants in the area. So she has advertised on dating sites about taking her out on a date. She doesn’t care who it is that takes her she just wants to go to all of her list of 50+ food stops.
A man in Colorado feared that his wife of 25 years may be a gold-digger so he takes his 500,000 in life savings and turned it into gold. He hid it behind a dumpster. The gold was then gone when he returned to get it. Now he has no money at all.

Slacker says that the man’s wife would not have been with him for 25 years if she was a Gold-Digger. It is the woman’s fault because they allow them to give them these extravagant gifts and only date them if they have money. Although, men can say NO.

Steve says that guys let themselves get dug. Men are using these women to get what they want. It is the man’s fault because they just throw things at you. If they throw themselves out there then he deserves what he gets.

Have you crossed over? You're more than a're a diamond digger! What is your worst Diamond-Digging story?

I have had men offer me a nice house and a car and an easy life where I would no longer have to work etc. All they wanted in return is that I marry them and or date them and all the benefits that come with that. Unfortunately, I have a conscience and was not attracted to these men so I had to turn them down. Men that don’t have good looks or natural finesse often use money as a pick-up line to their advantage. So why would a woman not take them up on that offer if that is what they are selling.


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10/30/2013 5:44PM
Diamond Diggers
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