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First Date In Years

Thousands of women listen to this show everyday…Some are just stepping foot into the dating scene and some are a part of the older generation that have been there, done that. Well, there’s a survey that’s been done of the 14 different guys you need to avoid like that plague done by the women that have been there. Here is the list:
1. "Lets Play It By Ear" guy. He's a guy that can't make decisions.
2. "Let's Just Hang Out" dater. He's lazy and doesn't put any effort into dating.  
3. "It's All About Me" dater.  He is busy with his stuff and doesn't have time for you.  
4. "Hot and Cold" dater.  One day he is really into you but the next day he is stand-offish.   
5. The "Party Animal".  
6. The "Glass is Half Empty" dater.  He is mopey and negative.  
7. The Serial Dater.  
8. The "Spoiled Rotten" guy.  
9. The "Looking For Love At All Costs" guy.  He just really really wants to settle down.
10. The "Truck Nuts" guy.  He has chrome balls hanging from his trailer hitch.  
11. The guy who wears "Tap Out" t-shirts.
12. The guy who drives a Hummer and wears "Tap Out" t-shirts.
13. "I'm A Grown Man But I Still Have A Nickname" guy.
14. The "Guy Who Cries More Than I Do" guy.
Is there any type of man you think women should avoid?
During the conversation, we got a call from a woman named Jessica. With all of this, men to avoid talk, she had to call us up and tell us that she has not been on a date in over 8 years! She was with a guy for 7 years and just a year ago they broke up. Now she’s a single mom and worried about getting back into the dating scene because it’s definitely changed since her day. Tonight she has a date with a guy downtown that she met a coffee shop. What does she do? What does she say? What does she not say?
To be honest, I don’t think the dating scene has ever really changed…Just you and your age so in a sense, yes, it’s going to be different but this time you know what you want. There’s no other way to say this but be you. Dating is all about getting to know the person to see if there’s the potential of something there and it’s not going to happen if you’re not real.
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/27/2012 6:33PM
First Date In Years
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