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Family Secrets

Do you have any deep dark secrets in your family? Are your parents cousins? Is your “sister” really your mom? Is your brother really in prison, not Iraq?
Steve seems to think he is a part of the all American family and doesn’t think he has a deep dark family secret, but he finally gave in. He was told a few years ago that his grandfather on his father’s side hooked up with one of his secretaries and now he has a half-something somewhere out there.
Also, Steve has a first cousin that he thought was hot, but once he found out she was adopted he realized it was totally legal and he “Got it done.”
Slacker tried to deny he has any family secrets, but Steve was pushing him on something. One of Slacker’s brother’s wives hit on him one night after everyone fell asleep, but nothing happened. He never even considered it. He doesn’t see how that’s a deep dark secret…
Do you have a deep dark family secret?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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04/27/2012 5:18PM
Family Secrets
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04/28/2012 11:49PM
I was the secret!
I found out I was someone else at 32!
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