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Fakin' It!

Red spray paint has become a hot commodity among women! The sale of red paint has increased by 40% at home stores in the U.S. because women are painting the bottoms of plain black shoes to make them look like real Louibiton shoes.  This has been going on in the U.K. for many years. Real Louibitons have the size of the shoe engraved on the bottom of the shoe along with their signature red color and it's the lack of engraving that determines if it's real or not.
Slacker doesn’t make enough money to understand what the deal is… Are you kidding, right now? Slacker is self admittedly a faker! He once had a fake TAG Heuer watch. Even Steve was convinced it was real and couldn’t believe Slacker didn’t let him in on Slacker’s deceptive behavior. He’s also worn some jeans he played off as a designer pair a time or two…He never told Steve because he figured that if a chick was hitting on him, Steve would block him and then rat him out if he was wearing jeans that weren’t legit! Even though Slacker is married, Steve would automatically throw him under the bus…
Steve agrees that he would throw Slacker under the bus, instinctively…not because of any ill will towards his friend, it’s just the way Steve is programmed. A friend of Steve’s wore her fake Louibitons to a wedding but forgot she was wearing them.  One of this woman's rivals at the wedding asked her to try them on. The rival busted her for wearing fake Louibitons and told all of the other women at the wedding! She was devastated. Faker’s unite!
Are you willing to admit that you do this? Did another woman bust you in your fake Louibitons? Are you a "faker"?  What other things have you faked? Did you get busted for being a faker?
I’ve never worn anything and tried to convince anyone it’s from a certain designer. I had a Mercury Capri RS that I considered a Mustang GT. Same car, same parts, same motor and made by Ford. That’s it! Maybe a poser...It was the 80's man!
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! - Ray the Intern

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07/16/2012 3:41PM
Fakin' It!
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