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Fads That Need to Come Back


Hawaiian Tropic's beauty pageant days are over. The brand announced it is retiring their famous bikini contests, which started back in 1983.  Say goodbye to Miss Hawaiian Tropic. Why…? The bikini contest wasn't going over well with female customers. Women make up 70 percent of the brand's users, so that was a problem. The company decided to reinvent the product "to appeal to today's Hawaiian Tropic women." 

Slacker wants Pringle pizza sticks, he would drive hours to find them and even clean them out when he did find them.  Steve loved the child-proof lighters, but all of his friends would take them.  Lil D wants dunkaroos back!

What fad do you want to bring back?

Mullets and Fanny packs…. Just kidding about the mullets but fanny packs for sure.
Intern Lauren
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04/25/2013 6:30PM
Fads That Need to Come Back
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