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The 5 o'clock phone call about secrets and lies brought to light the topic of escorts.  With two of the phone calls involving someone keeping their time as an escort a secret, Slacker and Steve became curious.  How many listeners out there are escorts?  Or have known one?  Bringing up the point that if it were between doing that and not being able to feed your kids, Slacker says that it would make sense that more people than anyone realizes have this secret.  Several people called, some who have been doing it for years, and others who are considering doing it.

Have you ever been or known an escort?  If push came to shove in supporting your children, would you even consider doing it?

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07/31/2012 6:32PM
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07/31/2012 7:16PM
America, the land of hippocrates.
yi. you guys haven't said anything in a while. did you get in trouble? If you did, I think it is stupid. Most of the songs on Alice are about sex. Everyone knows escorts are here. My wife had a single parent friend (latina natalie portman) who did it, about ten years ago. They met in beauty school. The friend was worried that I knew, but it didn't bother me, and I never told anyone until now. She did what she had to, to give her child an equal footing. I actually respected her for her efforts. I recently turned one down while visiting Las Vegas. Americans are such hippocrates, because they claim to hold such high moral ground and yet they love people like the Kardashians, Paris Hilton (stupid tramp), and reality shows that are about casual hook ups. We all like sex. We sing about, make movie about it, and glorify celebrity tapes of it. Anyone who thinks less of a woman who did her best for child, is a hippocrate in my opinion.
07/31/2012 10:49PM
Former Escort...
Many years ago, I was struggling to find the money to eat everyday. I was very young (19) and got out of a destructive marriage. My family offered zero support (emotionally or financially). I understand the feeling of desperation and constant worry regarding finances. Therefore, there is no judgment on my part for what this mother is considering doing. However, there were many repercussions from the work I did. First, I developed severe anxiety regarding the safety and moral nature of what I was doing. I realized that I was putting myself in the path of severe danger every time I met a new client. One man actually ended up giving me severe bruises and broken capillaries all over my body. I realized that I was also putting myself at risk for STDs (I had an HIV scare after becoming extremely ill). Currently, I am in a loving relationship. But even though I have been out of the business for many years, the thought of what I did still haunts me. At times, I feel that I punish my boyfriend for what others have done to me, and for what I have done to myself. It took me awhile to regain my moral compass after it had been derailed so dramatically. If you have to, have your child stay with a family member until you get back on your feet. Do whatever it takes to feed your child, and keep yourself out of the business of selling your body. Someday, your daughter/son will understand and respect you more for it. My mother had to send us to live with relatives so she could get back on her feet. It was difficult, but I deeply respect my mother for doing it.
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