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Engagement Intuition


Women are claiming a new form of clairvoyance…engagement intuition! Steve thinks it’s bunk and he’ll prove it!

Our friends at Cosmo say that women can usually tell when their men are about to propose because of "engagement intuition".  Or is it not intuition but it's your just your man acting different or weird?  He made reservations at a restaurant that he would never ever take you to....that's not intuition. Or he wants to take you to an exotic location for a mini-vacation...and he's NEVER taken you to an exotic locale...that's not intuition.  Did you have engagement intuition?  Did you know the proposal was coming?

Steve says that when guys start doing things out of the ordinary such as dinners at fancy restaurants or acting all weird doesn't count as intuition.  Scavenger hunts also do not count as intuition (so guys, don't do it)/  Slacker (estrogen shots aside), believes that women just know.  Reasoning?  Well they are women.

With the idea of a marriage proposal looming NOWHERE near my thought process, I'm going to have to agree with Steve on this one.  If a guy is bad enough to give away his intentions...sorry ladies, but that doesn't count as intuition.  Because (admit it!) many of you are surprised when the proposal happens.  That or else you're very good actors (which I won't deny).

If the engagement intuition idea wasn't weird enough, one of our listeners was planning a vacation when her son (out of nowhere might I add) says that she will die that day.  No idea that she was flying or where she was going, but is going to die in August.  Creepy right?  Tune in next week and find out more about it!

Do you believe in engagement intuition?

Keep it Classy,

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07/18/2012 3:22PM
Engagement Intuition
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