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Drunk or Kid?

It’s time for another round of our favorite game: Drunk or Kid! Tell us your story about an injury or just something plain stupid and Slacker and Steve will guess if you were drunk or a kid!

Lil’ D: “I am broke. So, we wait for this convenient store to clear out and rob this lady for her lottery tickets. My friend holds the lady down, and I jump the counter and take the tickets for some snacks.”
Slacker: Drunk
 Steve: Kid
Answer: Kid-- The best part was that Lil’ D’s accomplice was his mom!

#1 Marty: “I jump up to spike the ball and a dog ran under my feet; I slip and end up getting a concussion.”
Slacker: Kid.
Steve: Drunk.
Answer: Drunk- Marty is always drunk.

#2 Katie: “My friend and I were bored and we made a mud pool in the living room. We dug up the back yard and brought the dirt in, then we mud wrestled.”
Slacker: Kid. Drunks don’t damage their own houses.
Steve: Drunk. They wouldn’t be strong enough as kids to get all the dirt in.
Answer: Drunk—Yikes.

#3 Kevin “I am hanging out with my buddies and I had a splinter that got infected, so we took a razor and we cut it out and it cut my finger to the bone. I got stitches.”
Slacker: Kid.
Steve: Drunk.
Answer: Kid- He was 12 years old. Sliced way too deep.

#4 Jenna: “I was hanging with friends, we were looking to party, and my bf suggested we throw a party in a friend’s house. My bf was taken away in a cop car.”
Slacker: Drunk.
Steve: Kid.
Answer: Kid. – 7th grade.

#5 Josh:  “It was my birthday and someone insisted they blow out my candles. They were relit and I was upset, so I stormed out of the house. The candles lit the curtains on fire, everything was on fire.”
Slacker: Drunk
Steve: Kid
Answer: Drunk. 25th birthday.

Steve won!


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01/13/2014 5:51PM
Drunk or Kid?
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