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Slacker & Steve's Blog

Drunk Or Kid?


It’s the first FrYiday of the month and that means Drunk or Kid!!! You tell us your crazy story and we’ll try to guess if it happened while you were drunk or a kid!

It’s like you and some friend’s deciding to build a ramp for skateboarding or figure out that you already have a ramp on top of your house…the roof!

This can happen either when your drunk or a kid!

Leaving the little details out is always the best way to fool the guys! Don’t use words like “my parents” “me and this kid”. This competition is tricky, but fooling the both Slacker and Steve is all the more reason to participate!

Was it an injury? Embarrassing moment? Whatever it was, leave out the age appropriate terms and keep the fella’s guessing!

Kelly was sitting on the couch drinking a beverage and she wanted get a straw. Rocking in her chair, she flipped over the chair and the straw stuck in her throat. She had to pull it out and sped to the hospital and spent 16 hours in the ER. If the straw would have been a centimeter to the right, she would have bled to death in seconds… 14 years old! And sober!

Metal seat down the stairs…First try? Smooth and extremely fast! Second attempt? She gets stuck on the stairs, the seat goes flying and she gets lacerated to the point she needs 14 stitches…A kid!

Partying with some friends, they decide to break out the Sumo wrestler outfits, because who doesn’t have those laying around! He takes a digger and knocks over the display case with Grandma’s urn, then stands up and knocks over the dog’s urn…Drunk! and Sumo wrestling a kid!
What have you done that could go either way?

I stole Cessna airplane tires from a small municipal airport…

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray “the Kid” Intern

…in hopes of using them on a go-cart!!!

(Photo Courtesy of Thilman Images)

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09/07/2012 5:36PM
Drunk Or Kid?
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