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Drunk Or Kid?


It's that time again. Almost every bad decision happens at one of two times in your life... When you were a kid or when you were hammered!

Slacker has thought he could fly 2times in his life. Both times it involved a tin foil hat and a towel...

One person called in and said she stole a former Denver Broncos' SUV and took it all the way to Kansas! The wife of the player had left the SUV running at the dry cleaners and the caller and her friends swiped the car and drove it all the way to Kansas before they smashed it into a telephone pole and totaled the vehicle

Another call took a chunk of ice off the undercarriage of a car and tossed it through the window of a police station! She thought it would get her parents attention and make them listen to her...Instead she got 1 1/2 years in a mental facility...the upside? She didn't have to pay for the door!

Both callers were teenagers...

What crazy thing have you done as either a kid or when you were drunk?

I used to go to the convenience store and distract the cashier and get him to go outside to smoke with me so my friend could clean out the beer cooler... I was both! A teenager and then as an adult...

Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! Ray the Intern

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08/02/2012 5:38PM
Drunk Or Kid?
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