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Doggy Damage


In Moscow a car was going crazy in the streets slamming into other cars. When authorities finally got the car to stop there was no person in the car only three dogs! Apparently the guy left his dogs in the car and they decided to go for a joy ride.

Slacker and Steve know a guy that had tickets to the Masters Golf tournament and the dog at the tickets. He got the dog to choke them up and sent a picture to the tournament, told them what happened and they sent him new tickets. Producer Dave’s forgot to take the trash out and his dogs took advantage of the trash left out. Not only was the trash everywhere but they found some laundry too.
I have had two dogs and both of them have been pretty good. My current dog is very curious so I don’t really give her the opportunity to do damage. My experience is with my cousin’s dogs. When her and her family go out of town I watch their dogs. Overall the dogs are really good and very sweet. Yet they must know they are leaving and I am coming because there is always something they destroy. They would chew books to stuff animals, and jumping on the couch. They had a really old dog that was supper sweet and spent most of the day sleeping. Well somehow this dog got out of two, six foot fences and always seems to pull some crazy magic trick to get out of places you would think he could get out of. He even ate a feminine product and they had to get it out quick so it wouldn’t get too big in his stomach.  One of their current dogs is pretty fun because if she does something wrong and you get home she is all sad and afraid of you. You can just tell she is guilty.

What damage has your doggy caused?

With Love-Intern Sarah

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04/04/2012 3:37PM
Doggy Damage
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