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Doggie Damage


A pair of French bulldogs, named Stella and Stuart, recently ate their owner's prescription pills before biting down on a St John medic alert panic button. Australian medics rushed to the scene and broke down a door when no one answered. Stella had the pills in her mouth while Stuart had activated the panic button 12 times. The pills were blood thinners. The dogs were not affected.
Londoner Royston Grimstead gave his dog away after she ate part of his $120,000 Aston Martin. He tells the Daily Mirror, “I came home and saw Luce covered in white stuff. I thought she had got a bird and it was feathers – but it was the fiberglass from the car. She had chewed out a huge chunk. I just laughed. I mean, what else could I do? I’m not a crier and she knew she had done something wrong because she had this guilty look on her face. She must have overheard me talking about rehoming her because she’s normally friendly and never really chewed on anything before. She avoided me after she did it and she was gone the next day. I didn’t tell the new owners what she had done – I expect when they hear, I’ll find Luce back on my doorstep.”
Slacker says that every time he talks about a story it happens to him, he’s afraid of his future doggie damage! He talks about how his dog Mojo was acting strange one night panting heavily and when his wife went to let the dog out they found out the dog left “mud” everywhere! Slacker said it compared to a monster truck rally. He thinks his dog got ahold of some grass seeds he put in the lawn.
Steve says he won’t get a dog because he needs to protect his future Aston Martin.
What’s your doggie damage story?
My dog has eaten up the carpet, of my whole apartment! A hole here and pulled carpet over there. Apparently he doesn’t like to be left alone and this wasn’t just a one-time thing…he did it two more times!
Intern Tyler


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05/28/2014 3:19PM
Doggie Damage
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