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Divine Intervention


Slacker lost his phone! After searching a million different places, he retraced his steps and thought of all the places had he been. He was sitting in the house and totally asked the universe for a bit of help. What was he forgetting? He needs this frickin’ thing! Not praying, just thinking really hard. Wondering why the powers that be chose to take his phone! His whole life is in that phone! He would’ve offered one of his small children, but please don’t take the phone. No, not really! Suddenly, he remembered he had not checked one of the stores. He jumps in the car and drives to the Dollar Store. At the store, he asks the clerks if they had his phone. No luck! It was not there, either.  As he’s walking back from the car, he steps across the median and, lo and behold, in the river rock was his little brown book case phone camouflaged by the rocks. Slacker insists it was Divine Intervention. How else would he have known to go to that store as a last resort?

Steve has never prayed for divine intervention. He hates when people ask God for things. He’s thankful that Slacker asked for guidance, assistance the strength or help as opposed to “God, give me my phone back!” Steve also reminds Slacker how well Steve knows him and how crappy a guy he is when it comes to looking in every place Slacker has been to try and find things. Steve swears it would have come to him and he would’ve remembered without any "intervention".

Slacker and Steve aren’t trying to go all metaphysical or religious. They just want to know…Have you ever had something happen and it felt like there had to be a greater power intervention in your life?

I believe in Karma. Good and Bad. I know that if you set your mind to something, you can truly will it to happen. I’m living proof. Take small steps towards the 10,000 ft. view and you will make progress. Today’s society lacks patience and instant gratification is an example of the things to come. Progress has no appreciation for the future unless we hold ourselves accountable.
Peace, Love and Good Happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern

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06/04/2012 3:46PM
Divine Intervention
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