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Disability Sign At Work

At a Target there is an employee that is hard of hearing. When they are working a checkout line Target posts a sign that says this cashier is hard of hearing so that the customers know.
Slacker and Steve don’t think it is fair that they are pointing his disability. Steve says they are saying the sign is there for ignorant people. They think that in some way they can understand so that people know if the employee doesn’t hear them they are not ignoring you, but they think it is still a little mean. Slacker doesn’t know which side he is on.
Personally I think it is so wrong. I work with someone hard of hearing and they do just fine without a sign. We don’t need to label anyone with their disabilities. They only way I would be ok with this is if the employee asked for it and wanted it. Other than that we don’t need to label everyone.
Do you think Target or any employer should be allowed to do this?
With Love- Intern Sarah

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04/11/2012 5:15PM
Disability Sign At Work
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04/15/2012 5:40AM
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04/20/2012 8:36PM
Disability sign
I do not think it should become the NORM for Deaf or Hard of Hearing persons- there are people that buy jewelry that announce that they are Deaf/Hard of Hearing. It just depends on the person but I equate it to putting a sign next to me at work saying "This person is Caucasian."
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