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Did on a Dare

We all know friends can be the greatest of listeners and advice givers...and some of the worst instigators! Check out this story.
A man caused a security breach at the Des Moines International Airport when he rode the baggage carousel on a dare. He first stuck his head through the doorway, then hopped on, crouched down low, and rode it around into the secure back area and then out the other side.
By the time cops got there the 27-year-old man was already off the carousel and was putting his bags in the car. He told cops he had a few beers and didn't think it was going to be that big of a deal. No charges have been filed yet, but cops have video of the incident.
Slacker starts out by saying that Steve made out a dog for eleven dollars. He says he has actually does manly things, unlike Steve. Slacker asks who really won, the dog or Steve. He said that the guy that rode the carousel is an idiot. Slacker thinks that men are the only ones dumb enough to actually do dare. He said that he was dared to put his contacts in after he touched a jalapeno, for one hundred dollars. Slacker thought that the jalapenos didn’t have any oils on it so he agreed to do it. He then put his contacts in and thought he was in the clear, and then his eyes started to slowly burn. Slacker received his one hundred dollars, but threw away his contacts in the end, which cost him 150 dollars for a new pair.
Steve says it was eleven dollars he won for making out with the dog. He says their young female intern did a dare to talk to a cute guy at the mall, so it’s not only guys. Steve told Slacker he should have put milk in his eye to get rid of the burn.
What dumb things have your friends dared you to do?
When I was younger I was dared to throw firecrackers and smoke bombs onto the highway… at semis. Like a silly kid I totally agreed! Luckily no one was hurt but we did cause a lot of traffic. I would have to agree with Slacker, men are the only ones dumb enough to take on dares.
Intern Tyler


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05/23/2014 5:28PM
Did on a Dare
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