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D.I.Y. Disasters

You're not the only person whose attic is 45% insulated, and whose toilet sometimes runs for 17 hours straight.  According to a new survey, TWO-THIRDS of people say they have at least one unfinished do-it-yourself project in their house.  The average person gets back to their unfinished projects after about SIX MONTHS off.  But 16% say they've had one last up to three years unfinished. 
Slacker had pavers installed in his driveway. They are supposed to put the pavers down and then pack sand into the grooves to ensure everything stays in place…They screwed up and didn’t do the job very good. Well, every once in a while Slacker will go out to the driveway with a pry bar and remove a stone and pack sand under it. In the end, he’s gonna need a 4x4 vehicle just to get to his garage. Slacker has a few landscaping contractors that live next to him, but he won’t let them touch it! He also saved money by not paying a big box store the installation fee for a washer and dryer that he bought. Long story short, he forgot to hook up one of the three hoses for the washing machine…guess which one? The drain hose! He loaded the washer, set it to run through a cycle and then took off. When he came back? Flood Zone!
What’s your D.I.Y. disaster?
In a previous life, I was a remodel contractor, so I have a ton of stories from clients and my own home. The one I will share is this. My dad thought he would expand the living room on our house and knock down the wall between the bedroom and the existing living room. He was a drywall contractor at the time, so he figured he knew how to finish the holes he made. What he didn’t realize was that he took down a bearing wall! He came home later that day to discover his ceiling was sagging! He put braces up to support the ceiling and it sat that way for at least nine months. I guess that’s when I caught the bug for construction!
Peace, Love and Good happiness Stuff! – Ray the Intern
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09/17/2012 3:29PM
D.I.Y. Disasters
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