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D.I.Y. Disasters

In Miami, a man was working on a roof when he accidently nailed his hand to the roof itself! Fire Rescue had to use a hand held power saw to cut a section around the man’s hand and get him off the roof so they could take him to the hospital. Iggy Carroll said, "It was that one finger on his left hand where the nail went through and into the wood. And he wasn't able to free himself, so that's when they called 911. We actually had to cut the roof around his hands so we could safely move him down. Anytime you have someone impaled you don't want to pull it out. We cut around it."
Slacker flooded his entire house when he tried to install his owner washer and dryer!
I’ve tried to do a lot of things by myself and then I started to realize that wasn’t a good idea. Like, trying to fix a running toilet… Yeah, I broke the handle off on the inside of the toilet. I also broke a handle on the kitchen sink and when I tried to fix it I ended up breaking it more and water was spewing everywhere… That’s why I have a little mat on the floor so you can’t see where I ruined the wooden floor… Next time any of this happens I will be calling a handy-man.
Do you have a D.I.Y. disaster story?
Peace. Love – Assistant Producer Stephanie

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03/08/2012 5:15PM
D.I.Y. Disasters
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