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Crappy Gifts


There are a whole lot of ways to make a gift crappy. They can be embarrassing, just plain bad, or painfully uneven concerning the gift exchange. As far as that last one, Slacker said that one year, he got a goodie hairbrush for a present (even though he was a pick person) and he got her a diamond ring!

For me, it was embarrassing. It wasn't a gift that I was getting from someone, it was a gift that I was buying. In a way it was for myself, but it was also for my boyfriend. I was out with my friends and we went into a certain undergarments store. Looking back, I have no idea why I thought it was an appropriate time to go in that store considering that one of my friends that was with me was incredibly prude. I ended up buying this lacy, red number for a little surprise for him later on. My friend looked at me with this confused look when I had that in my arms and she asked me why I was buying it! I lied and said that it was just for fun and it was a joke. I was always bad at lying...I don't think she ever really bought it because she kept asking me over and over why I was getting it. So embarrassing!

What's the worst gift you've ever recieved?

Until Next Time, xoxo--Intern Elizabeth

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12/07/2011 4:10PM
Crappy Gifts
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12/07/2011 6:03PM
Crappy Painting - Sue
My neighbor had this painting that didn't match her living room any more because she had redecorated. It looked like it was from one of those starving artist sales. It was a painting of a vase of flowers which looked like they were wilting!!! Since I was an artist, she asked me to paint over it to match her living room. I told her that I would not paint over it because it was not my artwork (I wouldn't paint over any other artist's work, no matter how crappy it looked). I explained to her copyright and artist's rights to her to no avail. Over the course of several months, she kept asking me to paint over the painting and of course, every time I said 'no'. Well.... my birthday was coming up and she and her husband came over for my birthday. And low and behold, my gift was the painting!!!!!!!!! She then asked me if I was offended and I responded to her by saying,"it was what I expected from someone like her"!!! Needless to say, it went in the next garage sale.....
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