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BJ & Jamie's Blog

Coyote Danger!

A coyote came out of no where and took Sean's neighbors little Pomeranian dog!  Listen to the story HERE!

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01/30/2013 9:00AM
Coyote Danger!
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01/30/2013 12:14PM
Way to create a pandemic you guys! ;)
I was a bit concerned when I heard your discussion about coyotes this morning and BJ expressing his fears. I've worked with animals both domestic and wild professionally for over 25 years now and would like to put some info out on this. Coyotes are breeding right now so they're a lot more active than normal. Coyotes by nature are fearful of people and have mistaken children for prey. Once they realize its human, they run away. A less fearful Coyote is a Coyote that's more than likely been fed. Those coyote's lives can be saved by soft hazing methods: Yelling at the Coyote, stomping your feet, waving your arms, running at them aggressively, etc to get them fearful again. If they seem more resistant, you can contact your local police dept. to possibly do some hard hazing of the animals to accomplish this. Contrary to Jamie's mention of 'fox urine' as she mentioned to scare away cats, etc, fox urine to ward off Coyotes may simply attract them. The reason being, Coyotes will kill off Fox and other smaller animals they may see as a threat to their food sources in the area to eliminiate the competition. If you guys have any more discussions on this, you might consider requesting that a Colorado Division of Wildlife Officer give you a call on the air so as to answer your questions more factually. This is such a hot topic in so many metro cities that it may really help reduce the anxieties in our communities, created by so many misconceptions. And BJ, it IS true that they have gone after small dogs ... to eliminate the competition ... as they can't differentiate between another wild animal and a domestic animal. Hope this helps! :)
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