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Consumer Reports: As Seen On TV


A new Consumer Report shows that many As Seen On TV products aren’t as good as they claim to be.  After testing they have found that the SlapChop, who claims to dice, chop, and mince in seconds, actually chops unevenly and requires about 20 more slaps when it comes to harder foods.  The lovable Snuggies are proving to be shedding after you wash them.  And the ShamWow claims to hold 12 times its weight in liquid but really only holds ten times it’s weight.

Slacker and Steve say…who cares! Snuggies, it’s a backwards robe, what do you want?! ShamWow, really? Only ten times its weight instead of twelve, big deal!  And The SlapChop, come on! Having to slap it twenty times instead of four is still way quicker and more fun than having to stand over a cutting board for a half hour!  So they pretty much think that Consumer Reports are nitpicky and should calm down.

What have you bought that was a flop and what worked awesome?

I just have to say that if I come across an infomercial, nine times out of ten I’m getting sucked in and watching.  If I wasn’t so poor I’d probably buy stuff but luckily I’ve never gone that far.  When the makeup Bare Minerals or Bare Essentials (I can’t remember the name) started getting sold in Ulta, I hauled my tail over there and bought up the starter kit as soon as I made the sales woman do the trial on my face.  I don’t use that brand anymore but it is them that made me start on that kind of makeup.

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01/07/2013 6:29PM
Consumer Reports: As Seen On TV
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